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Vampire Expert 2


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After the huge success of the 1995 hit drama Vampire Expert, ATV splashed more money on the sequel the following year. Reprising his fan-favorite role of Taoist exorcist Mo Siu Fong, Lam Ching Ying returned to lead a star-studded cast that includes Kiki Sheung, Frankie Lam, Mang Hoi, Eric Wan, Kristy Yang, Ching Tung, Berg Ng, Lo Lieh, and child star Cheng Pak Lam. The series also counts blockbuster director Benny Chan (Connected) among the crew. ATV originally planned for a third series, but Lam unfortunately passed away in 1997 and the plan did not materialize. That also signaled the end of an era, as the station went on to produce the sister series My Date with a Vampire featuring modern, Westernized bloodsuckers.In Vampire Expert II, the ghost busting Taoist priest Mo Siu Fong (Lam Ching Ying) has two new disciples in Siu Hoi (Mang Hoi) and Yuk Tak Chor (Frankie Lam). One day, a clumsy cat burglar with the cool moniker "Black Rose" (Kiki Sheung) unwittingly resurrects an army of vampires as a result of her stealing treasures kept in Cixi's tomb! The vampires attack a small town, and, fortunately, Mo and his followers are there to save the day! However, in the crucial moment, Mo's junior schoolmate Lui Kong (Ching Tung) turns against our master with the intention of taking the heirship, nearly killing Mo in the process. With hordes of hungry ghosts and vengeful spirits running amok, and mounting pressure from news reporters and the police, time is running out for Mo and company...Master of mau San, Mo Siu Fong and his disciples have accepted capturing supernatural beings as their calling. The encounter between Master Mo and cat burglar "Black Rose" has awakened an army of vampires. In order to save the civilians, Master Mo has to exercise all of his power to tame those vampires. At the same time, Mo's nemesis junior schoolmate "Ching Tung" tried to steal the Mau San's medallion seal which almost cost Mo's life. Immense pressure are also coming from the news agencies and the police for Master Mo to get rid of those zombies and vampires.
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