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TVB Wudang Rules


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After a set-back in life, former Hong Kong undercover detective Pau Kai-chung (Chin Siu-ho) heads to the Wudang Mountains in Hubei, China to get away from life. At Wudang he re-connects with his former marital arts senior Mo Yee-shan (Yuen Qiu), who now operates an inn and martial arts school in the Wudang Mountains. She also takes in a mentally retarded man named Ho Ching-tung (Derek Kok) with a mysterious past. Kai-chung takes up a job as a chef at Yee-shan's inn. All is peaceful until a group of martial art students lead by Yee-shan's daughter Lok Yeung (Tavia Yeung) arrives. Lok Yeung and Kai-chung had previously met in Hong Kong, their encounter in Wudang brings back painful memories for Kai-chung. But Lok Yeung's true intentions for returning to Wudang is to persuade her mother to sell the inn and martial arts school to a Hong Kong investment group. Yee-shan makes a deal with Lok Yeung, that she will agree to sell the inn and martial arts school if Lok Yeung can win a competition within three months. Yee-shan pretends to be injured so Kai-chung would takeover as instructor at the martial art school. Soon Ching-tung regains his mind and exposes Kai-chung's true identity, which puts all at Wudang in danger.
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