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The 'W' Files


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The 'W' Files (衛斯理) is a 2003 Hong Kong fantasy-adventure-mystery television period drama serial based on Ni Kuang's novel series Wisely, starring Gallen Lo as Wisely. The series was first broadcast on TVB in Hong Kong from 2 June to 11 July 2003. The 30-episodes long series contains a total of eight different stories, set in China in the 1930s.In the 1930s, Wisely returns to China from his overseas studies and runs a detective agency in Shanghai to investigate paranormal events. He meets a doctor named Pak So and she becomes his love interest, but they encounter several trials and tribulations to test their love before they finally get together. The series is divided into eight different stories, with Wisely and his team setting off to investigate and crack each mystery case. I have watched this series a few times and I still like it! This version of Wisely is set in 1930s Shanghai, and consist of a few stories. I like the part where all the stories or characters seem intertwined with each other and then it all comes full circle and comes to an end on the last story which connects to the beginning scene.In this version, Wisely (Gallen Lo) is the rich heir to a successful pawnshop business, which he has no interest to run, so let one of his best friends Cheung Ching (Power Chan) to manage the pawnshop together with a few assistants. Wisely himself owns a detective agency together with his other best friend, the Sherlock Holmes dress-a-like Siu Kwok (Evergreen Mak) and his secretary Mei Sin (Fiona Yuen), who is also the niece of Wisely’s butler Lao Choi (Chun Wong). Wisely lives in his big family home together with Lao Choi, his housekeeper Sister Foon (Ha Ping) who has dementia, and his cousin Hung Hung (Tavia Yeung).
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