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Sunflower Love


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The late eighties, Binhai City architect Liu Haoming died due to an accident, more than a year-old daughter Tingting disappeared, his friends Peng Peng Xia Pengfei Group Manager and Liu Wimbledon to form a new family. Tingting living in remote mountainous areas, adopted by Ye Dashan, named Pearl. Twenty-two years later, Pearl self-taught. She applied for the work of Pengda Group and met Li Chao, a childhood partner who returned to China after leaving the ocean. Li Chao repeatedly expressed her love for the Pearl and was rejected. Xiapeng Fei's driver Jiang Zhibin in order to succeed, forcing his son Jiang Lei to marry summer daughter Mengjie. Building Supervision Liu Haoyu Peipu Group opened the embezzlement of funds insider, Xia Pengfei bankruptcy. Pearl of the mystery of life gradually opened, she and Li together for a common dream and strive to become the construction industry elite. Li Chao's perseverance finally touched the Pearl, the two came together hand in hand toward a new future.
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