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Bounty Lady


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Golden public relations genius Heung Kwong Nam (Dayo Wong) is popular with the girls, but not for his looks. Though he is known for his successful efforts in helping single ladies find their Mr. Rights, Kwong Nam himself is single, and he would rather pursue short-term relationships rather than be tied up long term. His new boss Shing Fa Lui (Kate Tsui ???) mistakes Kwong Nam to be a party boy, believing that he is only using his job as an excuse to get closer to women. Fa Lui also witnesses Kwong Nam attempting to woo her subordinate Yuen Huen (Sharon Chan ???). Yuen Yuen’s aunt, Yuen Sum (Elena Kong ???) hates Kwong Nam just as much as Fa Lui, and she often criticizes Kwong Nam in a magazine column she frequently writes for. Kwong Nam cannot care less about their hate and continues to do whatever he wants, that is, until his ex-girlfriend surfaces into his life once again, and Kwong Nam’s life is turned around dramatically.
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